Who We Are

The Association of State Home Visiting Initiatives (ASTHVI) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan collaboration of state administrators of home visiting programs. Our mission is to share information about the impact of home visiting programs in our states and local communities with policymakers, the press and the public. We also facilitate national exchange of innovative practices.

ASTHVI membership is open to state and tribal officials administering federal or state-funded home visiting programs. It is guided by a Steering Committee of officials representing states and tribes from across the country, and supported by the staff of Linchpin Strategies. For additional information about ASTHVI membership, please contact staff@asthvi.org.

ASTHVI was founded in 2014 through the generous grant of start-up funds from an anonymous, private-sector philanthropic donor. To read more about ASTHVI’s recent activities and successes, see our 2018 Annual Report.

Still have questions about ASTHVI? Consult our FAQ to find the answers to your questions and more!

Association of State and Tribal Home Visiting Initiatives

Mission Statement


The Association of State and Tribal Home Visiting Initiatives is member-driven and dedicated to supporting members in the effective implementation and improvement of home visiting programs at the state, territory and Tribal level. The evidence-based approaches of these programs, focused on pregnant women and families with children birth-through-five, help support families in their most important job of raising children to lead healthy and productive lives.

ASTHVI and its members pursue opportunities to inform and educate federal officials, policymakers, stakeholders, and the media about their work in states and communities.

ASTHVI seeks to be a resource to work with evidence-based model developers on a state and national level that focus on the importance of high quality services for families with young children.

Through peer-to-peer support, cooperation and open communication, it looks to leverage best practices that maximize the benefit of home visiting initiatives to children, families, and society as a whole.

ASTHVI provides administrators of home visiting initiatives with a forum to share challenges, strategies and successes in implementing home visiting initiatives including, but not limited to, the Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting program.