capitol_pic_3_0 The Hill: The bipartisan case for reauthorizing home visiting program (8/14/2017) - Christine Todd Whitman and Brad Henry serve as Senior Policy Advisors to Council for a Strong America. Governor Whitman was Governor of New Jersey from 1994 to 2001, and Governor Henry was Governor of Oklahoma from 2003 to 2011. This op-ed expresses their support for MIECHV reauthorization.
B9328599895Z.1_20170724153906_000_GNUJ3O7P7.1-0 My Voice: Invest in our children through home visiting (8/1/2017) - Crystal Kee of Steamboat, Ariz., is a training and implementation manager for Family Spirit, which runs home visiting programs in tribal communities in South Dakota and elsewhere.
npr_line_logo_custom-259bacf75768725fa3a2d9c42f1a1faedc4cdf8a-s900-c85 Study: Memphis Support Program For New Moms Especially Helps Boys (8/1/2017) - Nurse-Family Partnership programs provide low-income mothers with checkups. Robert Siegel speaks with Nobel Laureate James Heckman on the benefits of NFP, which is found to especially help boys.
25up-nurses1-master768 New York Times: How Home Visits by Nurses Help Mothers and Children, Especially Boys (8/1/2017) - Children who receive home visits are healthier, achieve more in school and have better social and emotional skills, according to a new study, released Monday by James J. Heckman, a Nobel laureate economist at the University of Chicago. Mothers have better prenatal and mental health and parenting skills. “We show that parenting matters,” wrote Mr. Heckman, along with coresearchers in economics, education, medicine and nursing.
dallas-skyline NBC: Federal Budget Cuts Threaten Dallas School Program (7/19/2017) - The MIECHV money expires in September without immediate action from Congress, and the Title 1 money could be reduced in federal budget debates underway now in Washington. Hundreds of organizations are lobbying to save the programs this week. They declared Wednesday, July 12, a Home Visiting Day of Action.
MIECHV_directory_cover_pic Education Week: Home-Visiting Backers Battle Federal Funding Deadline (7/19/2017) - Advocates for home-visiting programs, staring down a Sept. 30 deadline when federal funding for their program expires, are trying to make sure Congress doesn't forget about them.
594da13585a32.image White Mountain Independent: Coaching to build confident parents, health, successful families (7/2/2017) - Shasta Dazen is a home visitor with Family Spirit Fort Apache Indian Reservation and writes about her experiences.
Photo for Monday Johnson City Press: First-time mothers reaping benefits of nurse/family partnership program (7/2/2017) - A grant-funded program designed for low-income, first-time expectant mothers to provide support for improved health outcomes for themselves and their babies is paying off in a big way.
congressjpg-84c7dc3227d9b3ec POLITICO: Home Visiting Legislation Update (6/24/2017) - The nation’s home visiting program aimed at assisting low-income families with young children in areas like child abuse prevention and school readiness has long had bipartisan support.
dadgirlairplanepose St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Dads and home visiting (6/18/2017) - Home visiting programs match trained parent educators, nurses and other supports with families to work through child-rearing issues ranging from healthy birth and delivery, sleep, nutrition and transitions. Parents are provided research-based information and activities to help their child grow and learn.